Sunday, September 15, 2013

tylers cabin || round 3

well hello! sorry i pretty much fell off the planet and haven't blogged in a week. it's been crazy busy around these parts. school, family time, homework, work, studying, etc. that's what has pretty much taken up most of my time so the thought of blogging hasn't even really hit me!

even though i have been crazy busy with school and homework, i did find some time for some F U N this past weekend! i was lucky enough to get to head up to Tyler's cabin with him and his family again. ever since i went the first time {here, and 2nd time, here} i have absolutely loved it!

we left Friday afternoon after i was done with school, and headed up with his family!

games, movies, hiking, picture taking, walks, eating lots of food, and more games. it was a good weekend. we even visited the cemetery in Scofield! that was pretty cool. i just loved spending time with Tyler and his family and enjoying all the down//no homework time i could!

lovely little Aydelyn {Tyler's 11 year old sister} took some photos for us after an adventure to the swing set.

the best was not having a worry in the world about any homework, and just spending some time with my love. AND eating lots of yummy food in the woods. plus we took some fun walks in the forest!

we got home last night, and now it's back to the grind. see ya later C A B I N, you're the best.

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  1. You two are too cute! I'm dying to get away and stay at a nice little cabin. My boyfriend and his family are planning a cabin trip in February and I'm already counting down the days. This just made me more excited. :)