Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the college days

since tyler has been back from NYC i have spent all my time with him and haven't really focused on anything else! except school, of course. it's pretty selfish, i know, but i want to spend 100% of my free time with my very best friend before he leaves. i cherish our last days together

so because of that, i haven't really been blogging. here are some pictures of things i have been up to lately!
^^^ utah in the fall is really the prettiest thing in the whole wide world.^^^

^^^ reunited. and it feels soooooooooo good.^^^

^^^love my little mini me Kylie.^^^

^^^at the football game on saturday! i finally sat in the student section for my very first time. hiiiii crazyyyy.^^^

^^^my cute brother Marcus won student body president and gave a speech to the whole school! what a STUD.^^^

^^^sister time = the best time.^^^

^^^drinking hot cocoa to welcome in the cold weather with my love.^^^

pretty random stuff, i know. but life is good and i am a happy girl :)

happy wednesday!

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  1. Man as much as I LOVE living by the beach I sure do miss those fall colors!! So pretty!