Friday, January 3, 2014

christmas present deals!

hello! today i am sharing with you a few things that i got for Christmas that i have absolutely fallen in love with. my mama knows me way too well {and dad. and SANTA of course!} and they blessed me with gifts of a few things that i definitely needed. they are the best. + my mom is a bargain shopper, and a few of these things she picked up were just on way too good of a deal to pass up! my closet is thankful ;)

happy weekend! i go back to school on monday, so i am soaking in allllllll of the relaxation and family time that i can! and eating all of the home cooked meals i can. because nothing compares to that. and when i am eating my own cottage cheese and cereal {and other cheap food} all of next week, i know i will really miss those dinners. 2 more days and it's back to the grind!

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