Saturday, January 4, 2014

a few more pics from the holidays

 ^^^ New Years Eve! i was originally supposed to go to a Gatsby party, but after a few plans had changed i ended up at the Peery home with Tyler's sisters! we bought fireworks, played hide n go seek in the dark, some card games, and ran the streets at midnight with kazooo's and streamers! we welcomed in 2014 with a BANG. ^^^

 ^^^ reunited after a week. and obviously we missed each other. ^^^

^^^ sledding! we headed to soldier hallow over the break and man do i love that place. there is something about tubing and being pulled up on your tube by a rope {aka being lazy} and chillin with family that is just so dang fun. but after 2 hours in the freeeeeezin cold we were thankful for the hot cocoa! also, Nans and i had matching fire gloves. stylish, i know. ^^^

^^^ terrible picture quality, but such an awesome night. love my little cousins! ^^^

not many pictures, but it's been a fun break. love the family time + relaxation time i have had! happy saturday *night*! my family is welcoming in 9am church tomorrow morning. that's what the new year brings us! lucky for Briana and i we have 1:00, and classes that don't start until about 10am. college perks ;)


  1. Absolutely love these pictures!!

  2. you are unreal cute. love these pics! xoxo