Monday, February 3, 2014

10 things

sweater, old navy / cardi, briana's / necklace, blogger boutique / pants, briana's booties, santa / floppy hat, tai pan / coat, old navy

1)  im totally in love with the bachelor. monday nights are my fav
2)  having no food in my fridge and no money in my bank account is startin to get real rough over here
3)  tyler sent me the voice recorder! which is basically the best thing ever. i can't stop listening to it. the best is falling asleep to his voice. i just love that kid's sense of humor. he kills me :)
4)  totally loving this whole *sharing our closets* idea! briana and i have done this ever since we moved in to the Heritage dorms together. there's only one thing better than a closet full of clothes and that's two closets full of clothes :) we're known in our dorm room as the clothes hoarders. oops.
6)  i am in love with my anatomy class! who knew looking at dead cadavers all day could be so fun? learning the muscles comes so easy for me and it actually makes me like studying.... {wait.. what?}
7)  Mia and i took pictures in the riverwoods yesterday, and it was awesome because we were the only ones there.  we were cold and hungry {fast sunday probs} but i love when we have photo shoots together. i'm gonna miss those. become a professional photographer while i'm on my mission okay babe?
8)  my bestie miss Megan is headed for the MTC this week! she is coming back from Ohio, and i am so happy and lucky enough to get to see her before she goes. i can't wait! i just love her :)
9)  today is P day for my handsome missionary Elder Peery. i'm probably one of the very few people who actually loooovveeesss monday's :) well, except Megan. #weloveourmissionaries
10)  i have homework to get to AND classes that are calling my name. SIX classes today is going to be brutal, but hey, college is awesome.

hello new week! this one is going to be SERIOUSLY AWESOME. i can't believe i am opening up a mission call. eeeeek!

shop my outfit below! xx


  1. Love the outfit! Thats so exciting!!! :)

  2. Girl I really am so so exited for you! You'll be an outstanding missionary! Post a video :)