Sunday, February 2, 2014

because i am really starting to love college

and it's totally awesome :) making lots of new friends, becoming totally overwhelmed with studying + homework, late nights with girl friends + guy friends, midnight snacks, hot tubbing in places where we don't even live, bachelor nights, and staying up way later than we should, every single night when we know we have classes the next day, {yet cheering because they don't start until noon.} but hey, i am loving it. i am loving the college life over here! it's definitely hard sometimes. but it's growing on me :)

so anyways, here are some pictures of my life as of late! mostly pictures from this past week. been pretty swamped because midterms have arrived *yikes* but still havin a grand old time here at BYU baby

^^^ cheerin on our cougs at the basketball game! i love these ladies dearly. we have had the greatest weekend together. ang + erica + kaitlyn // also, briana. who would have definitely been here with us but went home for the *superbowl* weekend! she has been missed. ^^^ 

 ^^^ earlier this week! spending $30 on a meal at a really fancy italian restaurant with money we don't really have... #poorcollegekidprobs // but hey, totally worth it. the food was amazing and we got massive slices of cake. definitely a night to remember! ^^^

 ^^^ dinner with the peery family! celebrating aydelyn playing awesome in her basketball game. she's a little all star :) i love these guys. ^^^

 ^^^ congratulating miss mckenzie on her mission call! called to serve in the Pueblo, Mexico mission. so proud of you kenz :) we sure do love you! ^^^

^^^ a picture i sent to tyler... it was snowing that day. and yes those are poppy seeds in my teeth *im ashamed.* and it's all because briana and i are obsessed with spinach salads w/ poppy seed dressing. sadly this was on the way home from class too which means my fellow physical science classmates got quite the show. also sad knowing none of them told me... HAHA. ^^^

 ^^^ probably the most typical girl mirror selfie you'll ever see. but this must be documented :) hot tubbing is the best. and even better when it's raining outside... and it's midnight. boo-yah ^^^

^^^ the MAP. my mom bought this the day i submitted my papers! {what a cutie.} people have been guessin like crazy. there is a legit prize, so if anyone wants to make a guess... go for it! :) i'll definitely put it up there! ^^^

sooooo, my mission call is coming THIS WEEK!!! and in case you were wondering, YES, I AM FREAKING OUT. giddy as can be :) i never stop thinking about it. i can't even sleep at night. 

happy february! and happy weekend....that is officially almost over. but that just means i am one step closer to my mission call being delivered to my mailbox :) is this really happening so soon???


  1. Hmmm I'm guessing...
    Foreign: Canada, French speaking! State Side: Boston, Spanish Speaking.

    So excited for you sweet girl! :)

    1. props for guessin canada girlfriend ;) im impressed!