Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 things | also i am 5 years old again

overalls: madewell / flannel: old navy / white tee: old navy / booties: online boutique / sunglasses: XX1

1)  i really wish i could take credit for these fancy overalls. they are my cousin, Briana's though. she is trying to bring back the trend of these cute things. i fell in love with these and decided i love feeling 5 years old again :)
2)  soooo these pictures were taken for an article written for BYU. it's all about fashion blogging and filmed by a journalism major named Maddy. anyways, more on that coming soon my friends!
3)  can we talk about that bachelor finale? and how much we all hate juan puablo? what the heck? i'm just happy we got one good thing out of this season... Andi as the next bachelorette. waahhoooo!
4)  green smoothies. totally making them on the daily now. sometimes it freaks me out to drink green liquids though... so i drink it fast.
5)  school right now man. i know i talk about it aaaaaalot but i have FOUR TESTS i am currently studying for that are all next week. yes my friends...four. sos. save me.
6)  i love tyler. didn't ya know?
7)  hot tub sesh last night with my friends until the wee hours of the morning was so amazing. such a stress reliever it's the best.
8)  temple trips. last night when me and aubs went, we walked in to NOBODY waiting.... whaaatt? since when does that ever happen in provo utah?
9)  pink lips are a new fav of mine. can't go a day without.
10)  thursday already? man time is flyin by! *not complaining ;)*


  1. Love, love, love the overalls! You pull them off so well!! I'm excited for Andi's season too- Juan Pablo's season was pretty painful to watch, wasn't it?!

  2. Those overalls are adorable on you! I can't get myself to wear them, haha I can't pull them off. Juan Pablo... gag me. Love the pink lips, and good luck with all your tests!!! Darn school!

  3. BABE. lets each get a pair of them overalls.

  4. Overalls! Get yourself a pair, because you know how to wear them! Newest follower!
    Pretty Lovely

  5. Okay, I am LOVING that pink lipstick!!! Revlon, eh??? I know what I'm adding to my shopping list next time I head to the store...

  6. PLEASE do a tutorial on how you do your eye brows!