Tuesday, March 25, 2014

more college adventures

^^^ hiking for FHE. not having a car forced to walk to our hike too. up past the temple then into rock canyon we hiked our little bums off. such a pretty day we had to take advantage! ^^^

^^^ such a pretty view on our way back down. ^^^

^^^ aydelyn's birthday party! happy 12th to her! fun little partayyyy and a sleepover to end the night. so so fun :) ^^^

^^^ CONGRATS to one my besties, Ang on being called to serve in the ITALY, MILAN mission! we were all so surprised and happy for her. i am so proud of you Ang! can't wait to be sister missionaries together :) ^^^

^^^ saw Divergent with some girlfriends over the weekend. HOLY AMAZING. i didn't even read the book and wow i loved it so so much. it's giving Hunger Games a run for it's money. in my book at least. such a fun night! ^^^

^^^ REUNITED (ang headed home for the weekend) we were happy to be together again! and here is a veryblurry-middleofthenight-girltalkin-selfiestatus picture to prove it ^^^

^^^ sunday babes. love these girls oh so much! ^^^

^^^ monday  P day + a letter from him = one happy keen. yesterday was too good. ^^^

^^^ silly pics with my babe on our way to watch some Harry Potter (just one movie left, then i have officially seen the HP movies!) ^^^

tuesday is one of my favorite days. i have no school, i work at the MTC, and i always start my morning off with a run. the weather is becoming beautiful and i am on the home stretch of school until DISNEYLAND. so yes, life is good my friends :) hope you have a fabulous day too! xx


  1. Wasn't Divergent so amazing?! Also, loving that lime green maxi! xo

  2. I love finding other girls who have missionaries. You're adorable! And congrats on your mission call! xo

    1. RIGHT? i love that too! haha hey thank you!