Saturday, March 8, 2014

good times with good peeps

let me just start off by saying i love every single one of my girlfriends i have made in college. they really are the best :) we have had some of the greatest times together. and here is just a few pictures of this past week with them!

 ^^^ so much love for waffle love. i didn't actually have one but the ladies told me they were fab. nan + me + ang + savanna + erica + stacey, and not pictured.... kaitlyn. whom i also adore.^^^

 ^^^ we've been watching the Harry Potter series. i have never seen any of them {i know, i know... i'm crazy. but at least i finally am right?} so we decided we would watch them all in a row! we just finished the 5th last night. anyways, this was on the way there :) ^^^

^^^ random pic of me and my sissy. who i love, so so so much. i'm going to miss her most when i leave in 3 months :( ^^^

^^^ tried out a new restaurant that i have only heard amazing things about. it's called 180 tacos, and boy was it good. they were just mini baby tacos, so we were able to try 4 different kinds! so yum! ^^^

^^^ cause i love my girl aubs.^^^ 

^^^ unexpectadly saw this cute missionary at the temple last sunday. i love you sister cosgrove!^^^

 ^^^ sooooo Briana and i have been going to the old folks home and singing with a group a couple times a month. we have to do some service hours for our American Heritage class and what better thing to do than sing to cute grandmas and grandpas? anyways, we got real creative and sang/danced to "my little buttercup" {from the 3 amigos!}. it was a hoot and a half and the old peeps loved it! we were proud.^^^

 ^^^ and a selfie of me in sunglasses because i whipped them out on a SUNNY and warm day this week. the weather has been beautiful here as of late. ^^^

^^^ and last, but not least... this was last sunday when Briana and i spotted SIX DEER on campus. 6!!!! idk if you can see them back there but we got so close it was crazy. also i have no idea why we look freakishly tan. HA! ^^^

it's been a good week :) and boy are they flyin by! can't believe i only have a few weeks left until the semester is over and i move back home. bittersweet. i love my girls. 

it's such a pretty day. i took advantage and just got back from a 4 mile run around campus + the temple. been trying to run at least 3-4 times a week + gym it up to get in shape before my mission. happiest of saturday's to you all! xx

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