Saturday, April 19, 2014

farewell to being a freshman

 ^^^ the last of room #2217. i'll miss living here so much! i love these girls. we have had the BEST time here in our cute little dorm for the past year. living on my own and in this fab little place we called Heritage was the absolute funnest thing in the world. makes me so sad to look around my cute little dorm room that Briana and i share and know i will never be here again. moving out makes me so sad. i will miss it like crazy. ^^^

well, it's official. i just finished my LAST final... as a freshman. (4 finals in 2 days. did i die? almost) starting college at BYU has definitely been one of the hardest challenges for me (i am not smart! and the classes/tests here aren't easy people) but hey, the social part? amazing. i have made some incredible friends/roommates and i will always cherish the time we had together. it made me so sad to say goodbye to some of them last night. freshman year has been SO MUCH FUN. i have loved it. i didn't think i would cry so hard having to say goodbye to it. it's the end of such an awesome era.   

^^^ we had a little *last hurrah goodbye party with lots of cookies, hugs, and tears* last night. i don't even have to say bye to some of my girls yet (like Briana... i think i might die when i have to say bye to her)... and i am already crying! it's gonna be rough. that's for sure. anyways, can't think about that yet!^^^

as i look back on my first year at college (is it really already over? what the???? where did the time go!), i have made some amazing memories. it really has been the greatest. see ya later freshman year!

AND HELLO DISNEYLAND!!! i'm comin for ya in a few HOURS! woooo hoooo!

the fam and i are packin up my room, then packin up the car to head to CALI!!! i couldn't be more excited. can you tell? what an awesome way to end my freshman year eh? been countin down the days since we found out baby! see you in a week bloggin world! i'm comin for ya MICKEY!!!


  1. Aww! So exciting! Looks like you've got an amazing group of friends. :) have so much fun in Disneyland!