Monday, May 12, 2014

future sister missionary

 Tyler's mom Jeselyn is an amazing photographer and offered to take my mission pictures last week! we headed to downtown provo and had such an awesome time together! she did such a good job... i love every single one of them so so much! 

it made me very excited to be a missionary just being dressed in my mission clothes :) and even though i probably bought wayyyy too many... i know i'll be grateful for them when i don't have to wear the same 6 outfits. you could say im pretty excited about having a whole new wardrobe :) 

crazy to think i have just 23 days until i enter the mission field. 
im antsy... and giddy... and nervous... and excited.... and anxious! is it crazy how fast it is coming? YES. 


  1. Love the pictures. You're going to be the most amazing (and fashionable) missionary in the field! Also- where did you get that green dress? It's so cute!

  2. you are so gorgeous!!! I am so stoked for you!

  3. Oh dang, Keena! These pictures are so good! Like Julia said, you are definitely, 100% going to be the best and most fashionable missionary out there ;) Woo! The countdown is really on now! Not long to go at all :)

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