Wednesday, May 14, 2014

to my loving grandma bellows

 my sweet great grandma bellows passed away last week, and yesterday was her funeral. she passed away unexpectedly, because even though she was 90 years old, she was pretty healthy. we actually ALL expected her to outlive her daughter, my grandma gillespie. she isn't healthy, and has been sick for 8 years, so i would have expected the call about her, instead of grandma bellows

because my grandma gillespie has been sick and doesn't remember who we are anymore, my great grandma bellows has been our grandma who loves and cares for us and makes us feel special. she was amazing at that. because even though she had 25 grandchildren and 90 (NINETY) great grand children (and even 2 great, GREAT grandchildren) she made each of us feel like we are her absolute favorite.

she gave the best hugs, had an awesome sense of humor, demonstrated true and affectionate love, made the best treats, and showed us all how to live the BEST life possible. she also NEVER forgot a single birthday and made sure we had a birthday card with $5 in it, every single year. she never complained, and always had a smile on her face. 

^^^ a painting of her and my grandpa by my uncle Kris. they are such amazing people. and SO in love. i actually hope that grandpa can join her soon, just because i know how much he misses her.^^^

families can be together forever. i'm so grateful for that! because i miss you already grandma. thanks for setting the perfect Christlike example for me! i hope i can be as good as you are someday. 

and PS: i'll forever remember how excited you were for me when i was called to Canada :) watch over me while i'm there okay?? i love you!

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