Friday, May 16, 2014

random snippets

it's been quite the week in the Horton home! from an unexpected funeral, to a flooded basement from a water heater, and a sick house... we're lucky we made it to the weekend (seriously though.)

i was throwing up (ew) on Wednesday (along with Marcus.... ) but im feeling 100% better and happy to be healthy! being sick is the worst. i was happy Thursday morning to get back to my old self and be able to go running and to the gym again.... haha. anyways, here's whats been up lately.

 ^^^ mothers day skype. it was SOOOO good to see Tyler's face! except i just wanted to kiss it the whole time. he is lookin so good and doing so good. he is loving the mission field. i miss him so much! and pretty much that's all we talked about. sometimes it's hard to believe we wont see each other for another year and a half. especially when we said goodbye and realized that was it until we see each other in person again.... #crying ^^^

 ^^^ miss Haley had her farewell last Sunday! she did such an amazing job. she already headed to the MTC... im hoping to see her there! Haley is going to Cambodia on her mission... which is absolutely crazy, but i know she will do SUCH an amazing job!! ^^^

^^^ sister date. we have these a lot. this one consisted of shopping (our fav :) and my cute sissy buys me a shirt i so desperately wanted but didn't want to pay for. HOW WILL I LIVE WITHOUT HER. ^^^

^^^ made 100 of these babies with my mom to pass out at my farewell (which is THIS sunday! ah!) ^^^

lots to do this weekend, but still trying to make every minute count. have i mentioned i LOVE my life??? xx. 


  1. Keena! What brand/color is that red nail polish you have on your nails? It is beautiful!

  2. You are beyond cute! You're going to be an amazing missionary and you will love love love Toronto! Such an amazing city!