Friday, May 9, 2014

things i am going to miss about mia

1. sister dates. just me and mia.
2. SCREAMING at each other. it's da best :)
3. late night talks at late hours. usually about random stuff that isn't even important HAHA
4. shopping. we get so mad at each other if they wanna buy something useless or ugly hahahaha oh and when we go to GAP for the 50% friends and family sale and blow all our money. I LOVE IT. and we do it too often ;)
5. our inside jokes. #raspberry
6. when mia jumps on my bed randomly at midnight or sneaks up next to my bed and scares me... like who the heck is this girl
7. gym time. we have so much fun there. plus we love the sauna
8. texting wars. usually saying BYYYEEEE a whole bunch or using 1000 emojis.
9. clothes sharing fights. because even though we're grown up.... they still happen HAHAHA
10. venting. she is my number 1 go to girl for anything and everything. she just gets me. i'll miss being able to talk to her and text her and call her every single day. we talk so much... how will i go without that????

yeah... i'm gonna miss you mallard. probably more than anyone (shhh. don't tell the others.) kidding, of course. but really... what will i do without you for 18 months :(

so sorry i have been a little MIA lately. i've been consuming my time with mission prep, lots of gym time, and hanging with my family. i'm also still on call at work! i have just 26 days left until i enter the mission field (!!!) and still a to-do list that is quite hefty.

but hey, in other news... MOTHER'S DAY IS SUNDAY!! & im sure most of you know what that means :)

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