Sunday, June 29, 2014

week 3

HOLA!!! another week has absolutely flown by. they weren't kidding when they said time flies while on a mission. i can't believe its Pday again! im halfway done with the MTC now and really starting to realize how important it is that we don't waste even a minute! we have lots more to learn and not much time to learn it. gotta be speaking Spanish 24/7 so we can learn a LOT.

this week was so fun! we went to the temple again for Pday... this time we just did Inititories which i absolutely LOVED because i haven't done them since i went through for myself. the words they say are amazing and the spirit was so strong. also for Pday we ate at main campus (they have so many more options! me gusta the wrap bar:) and also walked down to Brighams landing! #freedom :) 

Friday was kinda rough #postPdayprobs as we would say. hahaha we had a little melt down because we just felt like we can't learn so much Spanish AND learn to teach everything. we felt pretty overwhelmed, but one of our teachers Hermano Humbertt had me and (not my comp) Hermana Nelson sit in and have a lesson. we taught him as him, not as an investigator. the spirit filled the room before we could even say a word. everyone was in tears and it was hands down one of the best experiences i have had since being here. personal stories were shared and the Holy Ghost prompted me and Hna Nelson to say so much. so so so amazing. 

BOTH devotionals were so awesome this week, Sunday we heard from Janice Kapp Perry (she wrote like a TON of primary songs) and we got to sing all my favorites! i feel my saviors love, as sisters in zion, army of helaman, love is spoken here, a childs prayer.... yeah there was a lot and as we sang the entire room of missionarys stood, and tears along with the spirit filled the room. SO COOL. funny story, she was speaking about how her and her husband met... he said to her in a BYU class one day "you know, those lips were definitely made for more than just playing the clarinet" hahahah!!! and all the sudden her husband JUMPS out of his seat (keep in mind hes like 80 something) walks over, and gives her the biggest kiss EVER! the entire room of missionaries went CRAZY! it was the funniest thing ever. oh my goodness. also when her husband spoke he said when he went to france in the 50's for his mission, he had 2 hours of language study and that was IT. i have suddenly become very very grateful for 6 weeks in the MTC.... hahaha :)

Monday night we got to meet our mission presidents! they are awesome and we got to sit and get to know them for a bit. we are feeling very blessed to be in the MTC right now as they are here for training before they head to Toronto! we love them already :) on tuesday we heard from Elder Christofferson.... 3 weeks and counting of apostles my friends! it was so amazing :) his message was exactly what we needed to hear. all about the worth of souls. and how we are NOTHING without Jesus Christ. we also watched the Joseph Smith movie... and i am pretty sure my testimony grew 10X bigger. i can't even tell you how excited i am to meet him and Emma someday. i would write my WHOLE email about them if i could. i am SO grateful for Joseph Smith!!!!! the prophet of the restoration. shall we not join him in this great cause???

so sorry for the Troumbley family. (tell them i love them and that they are in my prayers!) it was pretty shocking news and i feel so sad for Rebecca. at least we KNOW we will see her again someday. kinda weird to talk to the fam on Sunday for a few minutes.... had to get focused again quick! miss you guys.

best story ever for you. we have somehow become BFF with the cafeteria manager at west campus... and Tuesday at lunch we mentioned how much we love cafe rio and how much we miss it already. we show up to dinner and he hands us CAFE RIO PORK SALADS. i think i could have cried. and i really almost did. it was the best moment in the whole wide world! we devoured those salads like savages in literally minutes hahahhaa oh my goodness i feel so blessed. 

the MTC is still so awesome! i am cherishing every minute i have. we got 8 more elders (AGAIN!) last night so we now have 18 elders and 4 hermanas. they treat us very well because we are so outnumbered :) haha we feel like the moms of a bunch of little boys. we have lots of fun together and i am still working hard! our teachers are still so awesome and i am trying to work my very hardest and make use of ALL of my time! i love being a missionary. the church is true. gotta perfect mi espanol so i can tell everyone :)

i love you all so much!


P.S.  2 things i failed to mention! me and my companion got the privilege of being assigned to be the Sister Training Leaders for our Zone! its awesome... even though we only have 4 of us Hermanas hahaha. and lastly, we started teaching a real... REAL TRC investigator this week. real as in she really isn't a member. ummm it's crazy how cool it is but also pretty scary becuase its literally straight Spanish. haha i gotta work hard :) her name is Mercedes, we have taught her 2 times and she wears a CTR ring :) cute!

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  1. Super weird... But some girl commented on my picture and told to look at your blog because there were pictures of the guy I'm dating! Elder Gleave, take care of him! Have funn