Monday, August 25, 2014

week 11

it has been a pretty weird week! we had an off schedule but hey, missionary life is always a surprise! im just thrilled right now, because transfer calls were last night and i am here to stay in my area with Hermana Dudley! we were sure that it would be that way but there is always a chance. i love her and this area and we are excited to kill it. also we are both sick right now *blowing our noses every 5
minutes* #companionsspreadingsickness #missionaryprobs

there were some pretty amazing highlights for sure! mainly....
OFELIA'S BAPTISM!!! yesterday :) so amazing. she has been waiting for so long (20 years of being taught!) and was so so happy and felt so clean. right after she said "Siente rico esto!" (this feels SO good).
Hermana Dudley and i sang in the program and the spirit was so strong.
i love bringing people to this amazing Gospel! her daughter Betty will be baptized shortly as well :) as soon as her hand is better!

we also got the special opportunity of going to the mission home on Thursday, for a follow up training meeting with all the new missionaries/comps with Pres. & Sis. Clayton! (we got to drive too...
haha that was weird!) it was such an AMAZING meeting. it made me really grateful to be lucky enough to be in the greatest mission in the whole wide world :):):) the spirit filled the room as we all bore testimony of how much we have grown in just 6 weeks. its crazy, because i really feel like i have already grown so much as a missionary. in only 6 weeks my testimony has grown out the ROOF. i feel like i am converting myself unto the Lord, just as much as i am converting others. i have become so humbled and diligent and can't wait to grow even more. this mission is such a blessing for me. i got to see my MTC comp there too!!! that was awesome! i missed her.
also... we found out a lot of new info about how missionaries are going to be so much more involved with proselyting through the internet. i guess we are getting ipads soon?? the work is hastening!!!
(everyone go check this out and participate!

this week we also did more service for the same family from India. we are literally taking down every green thing we see in their backyard hahaha. we got the elders + a member + one of our investigators Simon (who is really progressing!) to come help us out too. another experience that happened Friday, we had just gotten out of visiting with Ofelia/Betty, when we were on our way to visit a part member family, the Castro's. we had a member, Hno Ospina, on the way too, when the Castro's called and canceled. pretty upset, i had this sudden revelation to call one of our investigators, Raul. he said he could meet us at the church and we ended up having a WAY awesome spiritual lesson with him and Hno Ospina! goes to show that everything happens for a reason :) especially in the Lords work!

bus + subway contacting continues to be an adventure :) one of the greatest part about it is finding out where the people are from. holy so many countries of people i meet everyday! the best is when i meet someone who has never heard of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it has been restored and am able to introduce this amazing blessing into their lives! wow. being a missionary is the best :) i feel so blessed.

the gospel is true. i love it with all my heart. im a disciple of Jesus Christ, & i am here to serve Him :) how lucky am i to join so many others in this marvelous work! let us do all we can in spreading this true message to bless millions of lives.


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