Monday, November 3, 2014

week 21

there isn't much to say this week, we said bye to our precious Hermana Pilling and have been adjusting to having just the 2 of us. we haven't had many lessons and we have spent every single day on the hunt to find people to teach. that, and trying to visit ALL of our members and less actives so we can continue to work to build our ward back up! lots of doors un-answered and not much luck so far but we aren't loosing the faith :) i know the Lord is testing us. our area has been on fire and He wants us to work HARD to build it back up. our ward needs help right now, and after a very spiritual and amazing dinner with our mission president, we know that needs to be our main focus! we have worked very hard this week, but we are set to work even harder to get area rolling again! we had a mission fast yesterday to really help us along with members. there was a strong spirit felt and i know the Lord will bless us with miracles!

Fernando was confirmed yesterday, the poor guy is having a LOT of teeth problems and is waiting to get surgery. he was in a TON of pain but made it to church to receive the spirit. his poor family isn't doing too well, but hopefully now that he is a member we can work together to help them be baptized as well. we haven't met with any of our other investigators this week, sadly, but like i said we are in the finding NEW mode!! which can be a struggle for us Spanish Hermanas but we're determined :) Halloween was fun, we had to be indoors by 6 (#scaryinthecity) so we did our weekly planning, but because we live in a house we actually got trick-or-treaters! it was awesome! :)

i finished the Book of Mormon this week, i want to testify of its truthfulness, because i KNOW its true! i know it was written for our day, i know that Joseph Smith translated it through the power of God. i know that the way to know the Gospel is true is by reading for yourself and praying to know its true! i know that we can feel of the Saviors love as we read the Book of Mormon, and THAT is how our relationship grows with Him. i know He lives! i want to bear this testimony to everyone i meet.... annndddd hopefully they speak Spanish so we can teach them too :):):) hehehe
"Come unto Christ. and be perfected in HIM." moroni 10:32 #BOMprophetsaremyheros

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