Monday, November 17, 2014

week 23

yes kids... it snowed! and it hasn't stopped. yayyyyy!! ahhh i love it. it looks so beautiful. its cold up here in good old Canada. but the spirit of Christmas is coming and i am so excited! and we are also in the negatives every day..... #sos #eskimohermana

i had the amazing opportunity to attend a leadership conference this week. only a select few from the whole mission got to go (basically it was ALL the DL's, ZL's, Sister Traning leaders, anddddd me hahaha.)  i attended with a few people from my District (my comp didn't come) and it was SO amazing! a few leaders from the MTC in Provo came and we learned how to be more effective missionaries and leaders. it was actually funny cause they kept saying "make sure to take this back to your areas and teach the junior companions." haha i just kept thinking... wait i am the junior companion! there are a lot of changes happening in our mission soon. its exciting :) but nothing happened for us Hermanas with transfer calls last night! we were shocked to not receive a call, especially after i went to the leadership meeting. but i guess the Lord really wants us to work hard together for as long as Hermana Dudley still has here :) she is leaving halfway through the transfer (in 4 weeks) so i will be receiving a new companion then!
this week was super great though. it doesn't show with our numbers but that's definitely not what matters :) obviously! we are still struggling to make our NEW investigators progressing but we're working hard at it. none of our investigators are coming to church but we know the Lord just wants us to work a little harder :) we have been working a lot with the less actives in our ward. we're trying to hard to encourage them to come back to church. it breaks my heart to see people fall away. hold to the rod! the Gospel is the most important thing in our lives. everything we have is a gift from our loving Heavenly Father. we should do all we can to serve Him. been working with our Bishop too to strengthen our ward. we can't do this work without our members...
i am sick today. throwing up this morning but luckily God gave me the strength to get things done on Pday :) miracles happen.
i love my Savior Jesus Christ.

ps: happy 22 years of marriage this week to the BEST PARENTS in the world!!!! i am so lucky. i love you guys so much :)