Monday, March 9, 2015

week 39

first of all, shout out to my girl Sydni who decided she is serving a mission! WOO WOO! it's life changing and i am so proud of you :) can't wait to see where you're going to serve the Lord! anddddd to my girl Briana who is getting married this WEEK! #templemarriage #eternity #can'twaittomeetyajase congrats!

we had such an awesome week :) spending last Pday in Toronto to celebrate hump day was SO MUCH FUN!!! it felt so surreal to be back on the subway. i felt so at home! good old Toronto, missed it. first we subway-ed over to downtown and spent some time in Kensington (aka: Spanish-ville) then over to China town! its awesome. Hermana Hoffman was loving it! we had a ton of time left (funny, we actually got to do WAY more there then i ever did when i was actually serving there!) so we decided to go visit the CN tower! something i never had the chance to do while in Toronto! we took awesome pictures, then splurged and went to the Aquarium because it was right there :) it was SO COOL!!! 

the rest of the week has been super great! we have seen some cool miracles. the coolest miracle is LUZ. get this - Hna Schoemaker (a member who LOVES coming to appointments with us) talks to this girl in the elevator while going to an appointment last week... and we end up going in and she became a new investigator. she came to church (she understands NO English "i just love the spirit there." so cute!) and we have been meeting with her this week. we went over yesterday after church again... and she told us she has been loving reading the Book of Mormon. all the sudden she shows us her book and she has read up to ALMA 30!!!!! in a WEEK!!!! Hermana Hoffman and i were in complete awe. anyways, SHE moved up her baptismal date up a week and will be getting baptized March 22! i am so excited for her!

CARLOS would be our next greatest miracle this week. we have started teaching him finally even though he has been coming to church for awhile. his wife is a member :) anyways, he's awesome and is praying about a baptismal date. YAY!!! i also had exchanges with the lovely Sister Mencarelli this week. she is from Italy and was baptized not too long ago. i learned so much from her! we taught our investigator in english/spanish/portugese together and he is ALSO praying about a date. the work is really progressing in this area, i feel so blessed!

i am LOVING the mission. i couldn't be happier! i just love this Gospel more than i can even explain. i love watching it change peoples lives, i love the way it has converted me unto the Savior, and i love being able to testify of its truthfulness. how lucky are we? we have the truth! we are counting down the days over here until we can go to the temple (12 days!) and for conference! eeeek! i can't wait! christmas for a missionary haha. i love you all, and thank you so much for your love and support. you are in my prayers always!


ps: im not even wearing a puffy coat today! its warming up and we're officially above 0 C!

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  1. Bless your gorgeous heart!!! So very proud of you and your great missionary spirit!!! Love watching your parents talk about you!! They are praying you through this mission!!! Know you are in many prayers!!