Monday, March 2, 2015

week 38

this week marks HALFWAY for me as a missionary. i can't even fathom that!! time has literally flown right past my eyes. truly, it has been challenging, but the greatest decision i have ever made. i couldn't be happier to be here. i have been reflecting a lot this week on the person i have become, how i have changed, and what more the Lord would have me become as i continue to wholeheartedly serve Him. its amazing to see the person the Lord is molding me into. i am converting myself unto Him.

the miracles we saw this week were incredible, 5 of our investigators came to church yesterday. our area is literally on FIRE right now! we have found a LOT of new investigators this week (one of which is Portugese. the gift of tongues to extreme!! we use all 3 languages when we teach), they are being placed in our path one after the next. all the glory to God and such an answer to so many of our prayers! i do have incredible stories of miracles i should share, but...

to celebrate HUMP DAY we got permission to go to TORONTO today!!!!!! 
downtown here we come!!! im pretty excited :) i get to take Hermana Hoffman there for her first time! my heart is still in Toronto, i really can't even wait to go :) CN tower here we come! and china town! and kensington! and the subways! 

i am so happy here! i want you all to know that i KNOW Jesus Christ lives. He truly guides this work. HIS work! i invite you all to come closer to Him. to submit your will to His. to sacrifice for Him like He did for YOU. "shall we not go on in so great a cause?"


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