Tuesday, September 15, 2015

week 66

for all those that don't know...

i'm home.

soooo as many of you are aware, i have been struggling a LOT with my tailbone problems as of the last 2 months. i haven't mentioned a lot in previous emails but it has been pretty bad since about June (and for those who don't know i have had problems with it since i was 13...) it has gotten a lot worse and i have been battling the pain since then. it's a different pain... a lot worse than before my mission :( and it was scary, because we aren't exactly sure what is wrong. i am so grateful for the Lord though, because since then, He has REALLY helped me to do His will... and to really work hard. there are things He needed me to do in His service! there is a lot of other things that happened in between August and now (contact with my Mission President + parents, Canadian walk in clinics (that were pointless) and lots of prayer) but basically after deciding i was going to pray to receive the strength and health to keep going, the Lord had another plan. this past Monday night i received the strongest impression and answer to prayers that i really needed. it is truly amazing how perfectly our Father in Heaven knows us. i knew in that moment, that i had finished the work the Savior wanted me to do, and that it was time to go home and take care of my tailbone. Tuesday was just a real confirmation of that answer to prayers, since i was in horrible pain allllll day!!! my Mission President and i had a conference call with my parents, and it only took us all a matter of 30 seconds before we realized we were all on the same page and i needed to go home. i felt really at peace about it at this point.

i had my interview with President on Thursday morning (which was absolutely amazing)... jumped on an airplane to Minneapolis, had a 3 hour lay over (i was alone and it was so weird! haha) then flew to SLC and landed at 7:30. it was an amazing reunion with my family.... words don't even describe! it was emotional and spiritual and i am so glad it was captured on video. 

i wish i could describe in this email what my mission meant to me. it absolutely changed my life! and basically... as said in Alma 26:16... "i cannot say the smallest part which i feel" i know this Gospel is true, and i know it was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. i know Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. i KNOW that He LIVES! i know it. and i love Him. i thought it would feel so different and sad to "take the badge off" but it hasn't, because it's truly engraved upon my heart. the mission really changed my life. i know my purpose in life, and it will always be the same! to invite others to come unto Christ. the church is TRUE! and i will always be, a disciple of Christ.

Hermana Keena Horton

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