Monday, January 3, 2011

really interesting things you ought to see

i wouln't call this post junk....
but its in the same neighborhood

these are all really random and useless things i thought you would all want to see

we were working down at 7Circles and my mom found this:

2 jackets zipped together!
so funny

my cousin Mackenzie loves oranges.
so she was eating one as we were watching a movie the other night

when she finished the orange, she started eating the RINE! yuck yuck.
we asked her why she was eating it and she said:
"its the best part!"

this picture was taken back at Hunter's party
just a cute plate that was sitting in her house and i thought it was a way cute quote

my cousin Briana is a WAY good eyebrow tweezer
we always let our eyebrows be uni-brows
for about 2 weeks before we see her so that she can tweeze them for us

so she tweezed
Mackenzie's, Malia's, Mine, Dad's, Caleb's, and Cory's

yes you heard it
my DAD got his done
pretty funny, so i just HAD to take a picture
i LOVE my m&m's to be warm when i eat them
so i usually put them in the microwave for about 20 seconds

well..... oopsies i put them in for
2 minutes

Kylie drew this
isn't it just SO cute?

just some random pictures of myself

in the church bathroom yesterday,
me wearing Kenzie's wolf hat,
and me at 12:03 on New Years with confetti all over myself

i was at Kneaders, and saw this
love it

thats all for now