Sunday, January 2, 2011

the grand Christmas decorations

what a procrastinator i am i know i promised to get these up about a month ago, literally. and i am sorry. i have been pretty busy! you are lucky i am even getting these up.

displayed below is
the decorations in my room and the family "tree"

this year i decided to make a lot of the things
that i was going to put up in my room for Christmas

i started off with a circle banner

i cut out about 60 circles of all different kinds of Christmas paper
i then just started sewing!

after lots of cutting and sewing i finally finished
its hard to get the full capture of the banner but it did look quite cute and festive

other things i did in my room were
more banners
festive treats

Quincey and Kylie helped me cut out a bunch of snowflakes to hang from the ceiling

its hard to see my full room, but i did try and get some good shots

this year we got a brand new tree and all new ornaments
we had fun decorating this spankin' new tree with it's cute decorations

my dad set up the tree with my grandpa

it took awhile because it was new.... but they got it done

after they put it up we started hanging all the ornaments

without the lights on:

with the lights on:

i think our new tree is SUPER cute. i'm lovin' it. and i am so sad to be having to take all my decorations down in the next few days! goodbye December!


  1. Ok, maybe I'm biased but this has got to be about the coolest and cutest (did I just use that word?) blog entry I've ever seen! I love it Keen!

  2. Well hey thanks dad... Glad you like it!