Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the 3 days in st geezy

packed our selves up and headed down to st george! we left at 3

we stopped at Subway when we got there! after eating, we got to our hotel, unpacked, and dipped in the pool!

the girls headed to the game with my mom, while i stayed back with the kids! we swam until lunch time, and for lunch we had Little Ceasers. after lunch we went to the girls next game. it was SO muddy! 

after the game we drove to the Aquatic Center and swam even more! when we got home, we had Mongolian Bar-B-Q for dinner, watched TV and hit the HAY!

a blustery, cloudy, SNOWY day... yes, SNOW! we got ready for church and went for a drive
we drove all around the city and even up to the new airport!
we went to church, then to Cafe Rio for lunch {yes it's sunday but we had to eat!} after eating we went to see the beautiful temple.

we also went to the visitors center, and to the Brigham Young winter home!

we were in the mood for a snack on the drive home, so we got some milkshakes at Iceberg!
when we got back we chilled in the hotel until it was time for bed. we felt a little cooped up in there!

or, Presidents Day! we woke up, swam, packed, and out the door we went! we watched 2 soccer games, and got food in-between. sadly malia and annie's team lost both of their games. and they got super muddy!
after the games, we headed home,

what a trip! loved it! we swam SO much too! here are more pictures from the trip. 


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