Monday, February 14, 2011

the joyous weekend filled with love

not that i have a valentine... too many people got roses today, did i?
No, but then again i could care less, its just a Single Awareness Day, i realized

but i do love my family and friends,
and i am glad there is a full day, to realize how much i do love them

so, from now on, due to having this new iphone,
i will probably have 1-3 collages a post,
full of random photos taken by me
{to see the first one go HERE}
so here is 2 for this post
here is also, some random pictures of me, and friends

as for my weekend.....
after school, i came home and posted THIS
then i went to my young women leaders house to make... {post coming soon}

i then came home, ate, and went to Caits
at Caits, we chatted, ate pizza, took pictures, ate more, got in sweats, and played Halo

Cait loves Halo.....

we also ate some popcorn

and made an Orange Julias

then Joz came over! we played some more Halo....
then we played some Rock Band... what fun:)

then we all got in sweats,
got some snacks... like soup, carnation drink, cereal, and pizza
{random i know}
after we had our tummies full, we turned on the Last Song.
me and Cait fell asleep, and Joz finished it and left at 1 AM! crazy girl.....

i woke up
and was alone
Cait had gone to BBall so i decided to watch a movie
i watched it till 11:15 and decided i didn't know when she was coming home,
so i packed up and left

went home, cleaned, showered, got ready
then me and Cait headed to Target
we did some shopping
and ate some doughnuts and breadsticks

this is me at target.... kiss me im Irish....

my mom came and picked us up and we went to the "strip"
the strip of TJmax, Ross, Old Navy, and Hobby Lobby

Meg met us there, and we did some serious shoppin!
we bought..... frienship things:) that was quite fun!!

we also bought a lot of friendship crafts,
and walked back to my home so we could do them!

Joz came to my home with her NEW HAIR!! she is a HOT mama
check it out....

then we did our crafts... we:
painted tissue boxes
made bows
made necklace charms
painted pictures

at Hobby Lobby, i bought something quite cute for my room

woke up at 11:15, got ready for church, and went to church....

okay, so on Saturday i mentioned that me and Cait bought some doughnuts
well, she ate all 3 and i saved one

i wanted to eat it during church,
so i packed it in a little tupper-ware and slipped it in my purse

halfway through Sacrament meeting,
i sneak out to the restroom, and eat it in THERE! haha:)
may i say, it was delicious....
for dinner on Sunday night, we had one of my favorite meals,
Cafe Rio Salads
yum... my mom's homemadetoday in photo, we went outside and took pictures
i took some of my own:)

day 10


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