Saturday, February 5, 2011

those crazy 2 1/2 days

let me give you a little hint of my
thursday, friday, saturday

thursday night

i put my hair in 5 braids,
in hope of it getting really frizzy Friday morning for retro day/night
i sent Madi 2 pictures of my hair

she then sent me this picture

this picture, is one of the 2 pictures i sent her,
that she then sent back to me
all DECKED out

retro day
i dressed up in some crazy
80's clothing
and it was pure awesome
i was the only one {basically} that dressed up

i had cheer from 1-3 and 5-9
cheer cheer cheer
we practiced for the Varsity halftime
then practiced for the JV halftime

i then went to drivers ed, and learned
then home to shave, change, and back to the school

JV did our halftime
Varsity did our halftime

let me just say....
i have never been in a halftime,
and Friday night i was in

dont worry, hottie Micheal Young just likes to pop in the picture...
way to go MV on our awesome win to Provo

after the game,
my family was up in Cedar Hills at the Garvins,
so i was home alone

i made myself a wonderful, healthy dinner

got in the tub
posted THIS
and watched "Princess Protection Program"

my parents {and SYDNI}
got home at about 12:30
me and Syd
plopped in bed, talked about boys, and went to sleep

we woke up at 9
got ready, and were at the mall by 10

we had some lunch at
Chick Fil A and Arbys

we shopped some more then ate at

we bought a lot......

after the mall, we headed back to my house
and counted my scarves

i have a bad weakness for scarves
i think
is just a bit too many

Syd went home, and i headed to MV
Itty Bitty Bruins started at 5 so i went at 4

me, Madi, Hannah, Valarie, and Lexi
just hung out in the back for a little and took some silly pictures

it went good, but little girls are kinda..... crazy
after it was over i headed to my house with Cait
i sewed her curtains for her new room,
while she was my slave, and sang to me

after we finished, we went to Caits house
we put on the curtains, and they look fantastic!!
{if i do say so myself....}

then we made some smoothies and Hot Pockets


day 7


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