Thursday, March 17, 2011

to the happy 9 year old boy

Wednesday March 16 was Marcus' birthday
we did a lot of celebrating for his awesome day!

we had family over for dinner and had an awesome dinner!
my mom made so much for it and it was SO good!!
we had chicken, 2 kinds of rice, fruits, veggies, rolls, biscuts, and jello!

after dinner we had dessert, which was Texas Sheet Cake
Marcus blew out his 9 candels....

Marcus then opened his presents...

Laura and Grandma

he got a lot of awesome presents this year! he got:
a huge megaphone
a mini pool table
a cool kinex game
a roller coaster set
a magic kit

since we had the day off,
in the afternoon we all headed to the Lehi Trafalga!
everyone in the family has one of those, ultimate passes...where you can get in to
7Peaks, Trafalga, Lehi Trafalga, Flash Games, and Owlz Games
so that is why we headed to the Lehi Trafalga to celbrate!

the drive there, me and malia took photo's
there was a TON of things to do there!
laser tagging, indoor mini golf, outdoor mini golf, a roller coaster, arcade games, go karts, rock wall, jungle gym, a mini "Malliboomer" and MORE!
it was a BLAST!

after Trafalga we went out to eat at
Pizza Pie Cafe

YUM! love that place
they have the BEST oreo pizza EVER!!

Marcus reported that he had a fantastic birthday!!
he is heading to Lehi Trafalga AGAIN tomorrow afternoon with all his best buds
since one of his friend's birthday was ALSO this week,
so they decided for a combined birthday party at Lehi Trafalga!

thats all for now!

for marcus... "birthdayyyy brotherrrrr"


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