Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the day off

there was no school yesterday in Alpine School District...
it was one of those wonderful days,
where there is no reason to be out of school, yet you are anyways

i went to Cait's Sunday night
we did an Ab workout, talked about boy life, and watched Post Grad
it was a wonderful night:)

we woke up Monday morning at 10:00
we both got ready, and headed to the mall theater's at 11

we saw:

it was good!! it was sorta predictable, but good:)

after the movie, we walked to the mall
where we each got a Crunchwrap Supreme {love those}
and shared an Orange Julias

we then went and sat on a bench and people watched
which is actually VERY enjoyable... there are certain people who go to the mall

there are the actual shoppers, who literally come to spend all their money
there are moms, who come with their children and strollers trying to get them out of the house
there are the "pimp daddy boys", who come to find some chicks and walk with their pants to their feet
there are also the old people, who come to get their walking done

anyways, that was very enjoyable
we found change in our pockets, and went and got some gumballs

with our remaining change, we made wishes...
actually the SAME wish, just about 5 times
EW....after the mall, me and my family had a family outing for
Marcus' 9th birthday {which is tomorrow}
i will be doing an entire post on his celebrations sometime this week,
possibly tomorrow... in the mean time, CTR and don't do drugs

that's all

this made me VERY happy


  1. Yo Keena!
    Hello, we haven't met before, but my bestest cousin ever is maddie james. We were blog surfing together and she showed me yours, and I really love your style. I think that you are amazing at journalling. It's totally a talent.

  2. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it:)