Wednesday, March 9, 2011

tuesday and wednesday.... lovely

B1: english... eh, it was alright.
we figured out that next Tuesday, we will be doing a speech of sorts...
we have to pick a song, and just SAY the words, not sing them.
wanna know what song im doing?
Pray - Justin Bieber

B2: science... we reviewed for a test,
speaking of which, that's tomorrow! .....
anyways, me, Jess, and Sess, had fun eating:)
Sess brought SO much food to class!
i enjoyed, apples, fruit snacks, and a Kudos bar

i got a LOT of yellow fruit snacks, and i do not know why.... but i did!

B3: history... we took our test and then he told us DUMB stories like he always does
he thinks he is funny, which he is NOT... haha

but i was looking back on my notes,
and saw that movies were only .25 CENTS in the 1930's!
im jealous, cause if they were that much these days,
oh MY! i would be seeing JB EVERY day! .... at least 9 times a day....

B4: seminary... we had an AWESOME lesson today
we usually do, but Tuesday's was very very VERY good.
we talked about the priesthood, and i love talking about the priesthood!

after school, i came home, and watched LOST,
then i went ranging with Cait and Kait and saw the baseball players as i was driving!

after range, Cait came over for my YW and we had Fondue!
chocolate and cheese

A1: Super Size Me, again...
NO i will NEVER eat McDonalds EVER EVER again, watch me

A2: math... dumb as usual

A3: peer tutor in woods... eh fine

A4: cheer... today we conditioned, thanks to HANNAH FRANCIS, dumb girl
it was not too bad except i should not have eaten that slice of pizza at lunch.

after school i went to target,
saw a very cute swimsuit i will be purchasing.
saw a pair of very cute wedged sandals i will be purchasing.

now im home
and im off to watch more LOST and eat a Popsicle


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