Wednesday, April 6, 2011

day15 {April 7, surgery}

something you want to do before you die



i have been counting down everyday for about a week
until the actual date of my surgery, which is
April 7, 2011

im basically excited for tomorrow, to get the surgery over with.
mostly just knowing that my tailbone will FINALLY be better,
and i will finally be able to sit, really makes me happy!

today was my last day of school for awhile,
since next week is spring break and i will be out longer than that,
i will be out of MV for quite sometime

i got some grades made up, and took a test
i also got my report card {my grades were good... YAY!}

after school, mom and i went to the Ortho since my chain broke yesterday
i just asked to switch the color as well, since i was already getting them changed

i got Aqua, LOVE!
after the Ortho, mom and i drove to AF
to get some blood work done before surgery tomorrow

my mom was filling out some paperwork for me
{since i have never even been to this hospital}
and usually when she does this, we just mark "NO" on everything
since we all know that i have never had
Cancer, Strokes, Diabetes, Lung Cancer, ETC, ETC

but this time, we actually found something i HAVE!
it ws marked
pretty cool, i thought

i got some blood drawn
{3 tubes... 3 TUBES!! who knew they would need so much?}
and i also had to give some of my Urine up....
oh dang, i was planning on saving it {hahaha}

they DID give me a sweet bandage though
green, with blue dinosaurs... cute eh?

tomorrow i will be arriving at the AF hospital at 6 a.m.
yes its early, i know, but a tleast i will be home
at a decent time so i can sleep, sleep, sleep
my mom is also excited because at my last surgery,
in June, she was in the hospital with me until like 4:00 in the afternoon

now i am off to get a priesthood blessing from my wonderful
Father and Grandpa

please pray for me

thats all


someone who inspires you


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