Friday, April 22, 2011

NEW blog {shoutout}

right now, i am sitting here, sitting here blogging on my
*newly updated and decorated blog by Jane Rhodes*
i am SO happy! it looks SO much better and everything actually fits!
it makes me so excited! its awesome! i absolutely love it.

Jane- if you are reading this, i know i have said
it a million times now, but THANK YOU!

be sure to check out the new things on the sidebars, the things i have made, the search bar, and the archives. also be sure to check out THIS post, because i am now selling clothes at 7Circles.... come check them out! super cute. ALSO, if you haven't yet followed this blog, and you are reading it, shame on you. go ahead and press the "follow" button, right over there!

right now, i am blogging while one of my BEST friends, Sydni Garvin, is here. we are babysitting our hoodlum brothers and sisters, while our parents are out to eat. luckily in return, we are getting a sleepover and a mall trip in the morning:) YAY! sadly, the children are very wild, and loud.... crazy kids


dear christopher jackson turnbull,
you are now an 11... not a 10 {hottie} ;)



  1. Haha keena YOU are a 12 ... out of 5 ;) haha keep it real you gorgeous little blondey !! Haha