Monday, April 25, 2011

new shirt {life in general}

to start off, i made a new shirt last night! its pretty cute. it is made from this fabric

i did my same basic pattern, except i used a DIFFERENT shirt layout, and made it a little more fitted and tight down below, so that i could add some lace that would poof out a little

like it? its cute huh?

lately i have been doing pretty good. life is the usual. sewing, hanging with friends, homework, school, family, la la la. i have picked up a new "love" life.... in case you haven't picked up on that from recent posts.... {nothing to brag about, i only have the most attractive man in the school ... wink wink}

i went to the DI with Nicole and Amanda on Friday, i got a dress to refashion a bit, and a couple shirts to add on and sew for 7Circles. Sydni came over that night, we babysat {read HERE} then slept over. Saturday morning we went to the mall until 12, when my family had a family get together, so she came with. after the party, we dropped her off at home. i went home, changed, sewed 3 shirts, and headed down to work @5. Cait and i worked till 7, then headed to her house. we were planning to hang with Chris and his gang, but we never got a ride, and Chris had to stay at his house. so we stayed at Caits, and played a fun game with her sister and sister's boyfriend {PS: i got 1st 2 times, yeah i basically just learned that game} we also had a "UGLIEST face contest" and took pictures.

here is one of the better photo's taken that night

i came home, and decorated 5 Easter eggs, so cute and colorful

like this one? i do. its dedicated to Chris Turnbull

after decorating, i talked to Chris for awhile, then went to sleep

Sunday, April 24, Easter Sunday
the family woke up at about 9 o'clock. we headed out to the family room to get all the candy in our baskets. after gathering it, it was all poured onto the floor,
where we then sorted it {family tradition}

after we sorted it out, everyone organized their baskets, YAY!

we then ate breakfast, where we all had boiled eggs
{from the eggs we colored} and orange julias

after church, we headed to a family dinner at grandma and grandpa's,
and also had a candy hunt/easter egg hunt

today was my first FULL day of school. it was still an early out day, but i stayed all day! after school, Madi and i went to the mall, to buy ourselves some nice new clothes:)

we went back to her house, chatted, then i went home. i just finished eating dinner {salad, chips, and sandwich's} and i am now blogging! we are about to have FHE, so i gotta go

that's all


  1. haha that is a pretty good looking egg, this girl has got some skilllssss!! haha sweet shirt too. you are soo talented! cool cool sugar plum bum :) hahahaha

  2. Please save me some easter candy.