Wednesday, April 20, 2011

new clothing {made by me} shoutout

so, as i mentioned HERE, i have been sewing, and sewing, and SEWING!
i've made a lot of new things, things that are pretty darn cute
{if i do say so myself}
#1: pink shirt
i already had this shirt, from Forver21 that i bought
when i did some back to school shopping this past year. all i did,
was add the adorable pink lace, that i happened to find in my sewing room

#2 black polka dot shirt
i used the same pattern, as THIS shirt. sewed it up, la la la
i love this one, cause it is silk! ah man i love SILK...

#3 blue shirt
okay, this is the SAME shirt as my pink one:)
i ALSO got it back in the summer before school!
instead of sewing lace on the bottom though, i sewed it on the top!

#4 shirt scarf
okay, this one is REALLY cool, i like it a lot:)
i was blog stalking one day, at my many blogs i like to look at {mostly craft blogs.... ah love}
and i came across a blog that had a darn cute tutorial {HERE} so i tried it out!
its a circle/infinity scarf, made out of t-shirts! SO cute!!

ah man i am in LOVE! i also went shopping, with Madi,
got some new clothes. my mom also bought me a cute new shirt, love!
i love having new clothes

i also went to the doctor yesterday at 11:00. we talked to the doctor,
he looked at my stitches, and he said, they might be getting infected!
i also have a little hole in my stitches, and if the medicine and the cream they gave me,
doesn't work by this Friday, i have to in for a 3rd SURGERY!
a THIRD ONE! AH! i REALLY hope this stuff works
pray for me?

this is a shout-out for Chris Turnbull
he wanted one... here ya go Chris!
your the best! ;)


Madi says HI, oh hey Mad..... ;)


  1. OH MY GOSH! i love it!!!!! ( i am sienna, i hope you don't mind im following your blog.) i literally want you to make me a scarf, like the one of the pic! and a shirt! i love it! can you make me one! i would literally pay like $50 for one! i live in Lehi.

  2. Dont know if you will ever look back here sienna, but i would love to make you one! Most things i make are one of a kind. But if you want me to make you something, i would love too! Your toobsweet! Let me know hun!

    {or you can just email me}

  3. Well i LOVE your stuff! and i would love it if you made me something! HAha thanks! {e-mail me at}

  4. keen i'm so jealous of your gorgeous fashion. p.s. i'll be prayin for you!!! i hope everything works out! so sorry babe!