Sunday, May 15, 2011

friday-sunday {lovely weather}

im just going to come straight out and say that i really will NOT be better about it until
June 3 when school gets out. {{CHEERS}} i am just WAY to busy.
SO, bare with me as i try to find some time to blog these last 3 weeks

since i haven't blogged since last sunday {HERE} that is a lot of days i have missed this week. im not going to tell you what happened all of those days, mostly cause i really don't remember, but also because it will drag on and you will get bored. i will be summarizing
this past week has been VERY sunny and beautiful here in Orem, here are some things i did

i wore sandals and shorts {basically every day}
i hunt out with Madi {we went on a lot of walks this week}
Madi and i tanned, a lot
i got this {ugly, hard to eat with, medal, huge} appliance in my mouth
let me just tell you right now. it really really really .... stinks. i dislike this thing in my mouth. it really doesn't hurt, it is just really hard to eat food.... {{sigh}}
i drove around town with Madi and Chelsea
{check out Madi back there, yes kids, I GOT shotgun..... hehehe}
i got to hold baby Ryat
{AKA: Madi and Chelsea's new nephew}
other things i did:
math homework with Cait
watched movies with Cait
eat popsicles
oh and, homework
i will still tell you about my weekend, cause we all know weekends are WAY better than weekdays...

after school i met Madi at her bus stop, then we went home to her house and tanned until 5:15. we took a shower {NO, not together, but she let me USE her shower}
then my dad came and picked me up and we went to the Westmore Carnival
where the rest of my family was. i face painted there until 7 then i went home.

Madi came over, then by 8:30 Cait and Jos picked us up and we all went to Chris' house. party party party, i had a great night at Chris' house :) it was a blast!
people there:: me, Madi, Cait, Jos, Edgar, David, Josh, Omar, Chris, Dallin, Austin.

i woke up at 9:30 and my family and i headed over to my grandparents house to do some yard work. we worked and worked and WORKED. we did a bunch of digging, planting flowers, and just cleaning their yard in general. it looked SUPER nice by the time we were done, which was like 1:00. we finished and this is what my feet looked like. SO SO sick. my body was just completely covered in dirt.... {nasty}

after we finished we all ate some wonderful picnic food. hot dogs and hamburgers, salad, chips, fruit, and some homemade root beer! {you should have seen me TRY to eat this hot dog. not so easy when you have these things in your mouth}

i went home and showered, then Madi came over. we sat at my house for awhile. we made food like muddy buddies, eggs, tortillas, popcorn {yeah, SO random} then we went back to her house. Madi had to clean her room so i helped her. we cleaned and talked, then changed into some "PINK" sweats.... {YAY}

we made popcorn, got ice waters, and ate muddy buddies, while watching THIS MOVIE!

we all know we are a bit jealous that Madi now OWNS this movie ON DVD.... {love}

we watched the movie for about 45 minutes, then Hunter, Britt, and Nicole all came over! SINCE we are all 15 and couldn't go to MORP {{sigh}} we decided to have a GNO instead! we talked and talked about..... whatever girls talk about, then by about 11, we all left Madi's

i woke up at 7:30 since the family and i had my cousins baby blessing {Claire Christine Gillespie} at 9 and it was all the way out in Eagle Mountain. we went, and it was really good. we all headed over to their house after the blessing for some brunch! bagels, muffins, fruit, and juice {YUM}

while there, i was sitting on a wooden chair on their porch, and i got a REALLY bad sliver. people thought i was acting like a child, when really, that was one of the most painful things i think i have ever had. {OUCH}

that is all for now, and i DO promise that i have a really nice list coming soon, so stay tuned

9 days till im 16

coming soon: a delightful LIST

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