Sunday, May 8, 2011

friday-sunday {mothers day}

another day of fast {this time with Chris} during lunch, i went with Kenz, Hannah, and Cait, to ask Cline {to MORP} with Kenz. it was fun! during 4th, me and Mad wandered the halls, then Chris came out of class to say hello! he ended up staying awhile, since they had a sub, and all they were doing was watching a weird movie. we talked and talked, and eventually Chris and i broke our fast... on water and PB M&M's... YUM!

after school got out, Madi and i walked to her house. we wanted to layout, but first we went with her sister to Victoria's Secret. it was SO nice outside, mmm so beautiful :) drivin round town with the top down and my glasses on, yeahh man!

can you see me back there?we went back to Mad's, and soaked up some RAYS

and ate popsicles...

i got some color on my legs and arms, but i also got some sun, on my face and chest

after tanning for about 2 hours, we showered off, got dressed {Madi got ready} then Hannah came and picked us up, and we went to my house so i could get ready!

we then walked down to a BBQ that my family and neighbors were having. we had some hot dogs {which i haven't had since i found out how they were made about 9 months ago} salad, chips, fruit, and Capri Suns

after eating, we decided to go on a walk. we walked over by Old Navy, and such. we found these cool petals and were having fun BLOWING them on each other

at Old Navy, we found these hats. YEAH Hannah is a Utes fan {SICK SICK SICK}
Mad and i dominated her with our powerful BYU LOVE!

after that, we kept walking. we walked down to PetSmart and looked at the animals. Hannah got in trouble for scaring the birds, so we left! we kept walking, and we were walking down Main Street, when all of the sudden, Jos and Cait pull up! {and scare us} haha. so we hopped in the car with them, then they dropped us off at Chris' house. Chris, Edgar, Hannah, Madi and i all walked to the park, and then Jos and Cait eventually came too. then they left again, and we walked back to Chris' house.

la la la it was a good night {there is much more detail i could go into, but you'd get bored}
Madi and i went back to her house, ate, got in sweats, and went to sleep!

woke up, went home. i got ready, then my mom, Malia, Kylie, Quincey, and i all went to my aunts for a delightful mothers day tea party!
it was quite fun! there was cute sandwich's and tea cups

cute hat, eh?

after the wonderful tea party, i went home and got into some SHORTS, since it was such a wonderful day out. Malia and i wend to the mall to try and find some sandals. i DID find sandals, but i also found, sunglasses, a hat, 2 shirts, and a romper. YAY!

after the mall i went to Madi's to hang with her and Hannah for a little over an hour

Madi had to babysit in SLC that night, so Hannah and i left. i went home and helped my mother. went and got Caleb and Malia, then my entire family besides Malia and i went to the Garvin's house for the night {Syd couldn't hang, so i stayed home} Malia and i chilled here at our house until she had to go babysit at the neighbors @7:30

guess what i wore on saturday night? my new sandals. i LOVE them!

la la la i am {NOT} explaining all the details from this night. {mistakes were made, but i also had a fantastic night with Chris} there it is for ya.

dear mom, i love you, i have NO idea what i would do without you in my life. i dont always tell you how much i love you, but i really do, and i REALLY appreciate what you do for me each and every day. you do so much for our family, {don't even get me STARTED as to how much you do} i LOVE you mom!

my present to her? 1 free foot massage and pedicure by ME

i hope you all have a great day, and tell your mom you love her MORE than a million times


coming soon: a delightful LIST


  1. TOO nice!! Thanks's easy to be a Mom to a great kid like you :)