Friday, September 16, 2011

finally; friday

its been a good week, sorry i haven't posted much; i've been busy and tired. but then again, that's always my excuse, sorry guys. its not like i even know if anyone is reading this blog anyways, nobody comments. but that's okay, because i love to blog

Briana, Mackenzie, Malia and i started a new tradition. facetime. every sunday night. 1 hour. it makes me miss my cousins a LOT more. yet, i still love being able to see them/talk to them

lots and lots of classes this week; of course. and homework. not my favorite.
but, i do try to entertain myself; usually with Instagram or Pinterest

i helped Hanni answer Jake for Homecoming on wednesday. we are in the same group and i am SO excited! speaking of Homecoming, i got a dress last night! yay for keena! 8 days!

more classes. more homework. still not my favorite.
STILL entertaining myself by not listening, HA!

enjoying our new hour long lunch at MV this week, its been great having enough time to actually go somewhere instead of eating at the school everyday. today i had lunch at Madi's house

i'd also like to introduce you to my photo teacher. wearing a hat and my glasses. what a pimp

that's all i gotta say
it has been a long week. i have had a lot of homework, and i have been trying to exercise a lot, plus i have Netflix on my phone and the Office is ALWAYS calling my name once i plop in bed!

the BYU/Utah game is tomorrow, and i can NOT wait. go cougars!
that's all for now


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  2. Okay so I made a comment and then realized I was on your account. So now I fixed that and I will say again ....I read your blog and love it!! You are too cute and I am not just saying that because I am your Mom :)

  3. i. am. so. jealous. you. get. to. hang. with. Cramer.