Sunday, September 18, 2011

that one football game

it's really the only football game that matters, isn't it?
BYU lost to Utah ~ 54 to 10
first half? awesome! second half? terrible.
this was the only game i really care to watch, just because i love to be able to say we are BETTER than Utah. but no, we lost. and we lost BAD.

Hanni and i bought BYU shirts together just before the game, matching ones. she truly is a Ute fan [boooo] yet she bought a BYU shirt? but now, she is back to being a Ute fan because they won. i guess she just bleeds purple; HA!

Hanni, Madi and i all watched the game at Madi's house. at the quarter break we went and picked up Chris, Josh, and David; then went back to Madi's home. Kaylee came over, then at halftime, we all went to Hunter's house for a slammin' jammin' sweet 16 party. many people showed off their Cougar pride at that party. [try to ignore the badness of this picture. darknes + yellow lighting + flash, is never a good thing]

sometimes i would watch the game on that big blow up screen, and then i would get too frustrated and go talk to some peeps. but i would always end up watching it more haha. eventually most people left, but Hannah, Edgar, Chris, Josh, David [and some others] and i watched till the end, then headed home

terrible game, great night
better luck next year cougs

oh ya, homecoming is in 6 days. SO excited. boooo-yah!

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