Sunday, September 11, 2011

friday night football + remembrance

MV played Timpview on Friday night. i am proud to say i finally understand football :) Miss. Cosgrove taught me as we watched the game, then we watched the BYU game on Saturday together.

MV sadly lost, by a very stupid call. everyone in the stadium was ticked off, and Timpview was confused as to why they even won. bad call refs, bad call. BUT, our boys played very great and did amazing!

as you all know, today marks 10 years since 9/11 2001. i was only 6 years old when it happened, and although i don't remember it too well, i now understand what happened. today, all day, i have been remembering those families, those people, and those firefighters, and how hard it must have been, and still is. i hope you all take a moment today and appreciate all you have, and how blessed we are to live in America. i just can not even imagine how hard that day must have been. the poor people who had no other option but to jump from the burning World Trade Center's to save themselves. this day will always be remembered ~ 9/11/01
also, here are some videos
on 9/11. watch them, you won't regret it

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