Saturday, September 24, 2011

seriously good yogurt

Yogurtland. ever been there? it's amazing. mostly because it is yogurt and not ice cream, so i know im eating healthy. my favorite flavor there is strawberry and coconut; SO yummy.

on thursday they were having a special, buy one get one FREE! so Hannah drove Madi, Haley, and i there during our hour long lunch to buy some yogurt

clockwise: Hannah's, Haley's, Keena's, Madi's {no toppings on Madi's? she's crazy}

Haley did not want the brownie bites... so here they are sitting in strawberry syrup

guys. today is homecoming. TODAY! i'm seriously so excited. i am being picked up at 2:45 so i am going to go take a shower, and shave my legs. let me tell you a secret... i don't even remember the last time i shaved, and my leg hair is the longest it has EVER been in my life. this could take me hours. i will post about homecoming soon! wish me a great night... bye for now!

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