Wednesday, September 21, 2011

so new, so cool

there is a new Instagram in town; a new update that is. ienjoyed it today.. i love it! something new. Ms Cosgrove and i took some pictures while sitting there all bored in Photo class.

lunch time! Haley, Madi, Maddie, Hannah and i went to Haley's to enjoy some cereal and orange juice {breakfast?} she had fruity pebbles so i could hardly resist! plus, OJ is my favorite beverage!

after school Jos showed up with her BRAND new braces!

aint she cute? now im not the only brace face... besides mads of course

today was Parent Teacher Conferences at our school. the last time there was PTC's at MV, was the FIRST day mads and i hung out. so today was sort of a reunion for us! i love mads

now, i am going to go visit her at work, the Sweet Tooth Fairy. bye for now

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