Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my monday

i slept in until 8 then decided I'd get up and go to 45 minutes {the taking notes section} of math class.

then i headed to the ortho where i spent 2 hours in a chair getting my "not missed one bit, stupid Herbst Appliance" off. i even had to take a bathroom break and get up to brush my scrubby teeth off 3 different times. BUT, its OFF.

after 6 long months {which was supposed to be 8 months.... my Dr. is nice to me!} i am so glad it's off. oh, and you think BRACES are a lot of pressure when being pulled off your teeth? try THIS. holy heck... kill me

the HUGE metal piece that was in my mouth
YES i did get this junky piece of metal out of my mouth. and it was the worst.

anyways, now i have chained up teeth and a bunch of new brackets and my poor gums and cheeks just hate me for it. sleeping isn't fun, neither is brushing or eating. the problem is, they gave me new rubber bands i have to wear for 3 weeks until i get my braces off. if you have never had braces, the pain is just not describable, and i guess you'll never know.

* * * * *
after the ortho i went to the gym with Hanni. after we worked our tushies off for an hour and a half, we went to a soccer game with Madi {and we saw Louisa and Amanda there!} the boys won and are in Semi's!

THEN, i stole Hanni's car and drove myself home... muahahahagot home, and headed to grandmas. yep, me and little Kaden (he thinks he's my boyfriend :) haha little cutie.)then we made cookies together, Halloween cookies that is. okay, HE made the cookies with loads of frosting then i cleaned the dirty boy up. still worth it, i got some candy corn which = my FAVdid i mention he is spending fall break with me? ohhhh yeahhh. life is good

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