Sunday, October 16, 2011

this will be the best week ever + Clint

Elder Clint Madsen. leaving Orem, Utah for Puerto Rico {first the MTC of course} on Wednesday for his 2 year mish. as much as i really want to support my friends who are going on missions, i hate it. i hate goodbyes. {BUT, i'll write Clint; alot} his talk was amazing! i'll miss him

Ash was visiting from her new home in Arizona, today!
it was awesome to see her, i've missed her

so, we're re-doing our bathroom... it's coming along great!
new tile, paint, base boards, and vanity table. can't wait

friday night was the "Monster Mash" at MV. Hanni and i struggled with something to dress up as, but resulted in 80's chicks {which i result to EVERY year.... awkward} then we get to the dance and nobody is even dressed up! haha oh well, it was fun. we had fun finding outfits too

tomorrow is going to be the BEST day ever
-i get to sleep in
-im not going to first period
-it's an A day, only my absolute favorite
-i get my STUPID Herbst Appliance off at 10 am tomorrow, holy cow im so excited. so giddy
-it's early out day
-i have picture re-takes at 4. my pictures were terrible, thank heavens for re-takes
-dinner at my grandma + grandpa's house tomorrow night, + my cousins from Colorado are coming for the week and i get to see them tomorrow :) oh how i've missed my 'boyfriend' Kaden

this week is going to be the BEST week ever
-duh, tomorrow will be amazing
-NO SCHOOL thursday OR friday

boo yah?

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