Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the BEST weekend of my life

lets just say that honestly, it was the BEST 3 1/2 days of my life.

mom, Mia and i left to pick the cousins up at 6. we arrived at 7 where Malia and i JUMPED out of the car and literally SPRINTED to my cousins. we embraced each other, bawling, in a 5 minute hug... then stopped for a picture. {seen HERE} as dramatic as it seems Briana is my best friend i hate being away from her for so long!! {long as in... 2 and a half months}

we drove home, dropped off their luggage, and went to see Lex who was still working at the mall. we stopped in, gave her huge hugs, and left. we stopped in Texas Roadhouse to buy a dozen of their amazing rolls... LOVE. then went to Yogurtland to meet Lex after work

we stayed up late chit chatting about the recent life, writing down our wishes for 11/11/11, watching YouTube, pinning on Pinterest, and stalking each others Tumblr's

we were up bright and early, 10:00 {i consider that to be early on a day i got to skip school, haha} showered, got ready, grabbed our written down wishes, and headed to my grandmas where we planned on burying them

yep. we had a tribal ceremony. we danced around in a circle from 11:05-11:11 saying "11:11 send us to Heaven!" then from 11:11-11:12 we chanted our wishes in our heads while shining the paper to the sky. at 11:12 we put them in a Tupperware and buried them... muahahaha

since we were already at my grandma's we stopped in after our little ceremony to say hello to her and Kelly. gotta love my grandma :)
next stop: Mountain View. Briana, Kenz, and Mia {who apparently had never been in MV before} wanted to see my school and also see Jacoba, who used to live in their ward up in Seattle but then moved down here. lets just say Jacoba was SO happy and many tears were shed.

after MV, we headed for lunch at Zupas. mine and Briana's favorite restraunt :) we stopped at home, dropped Malia off for B-ball and went to the mall to see Lex again. we shopped around until she got off work, then we all left to her apartment to get ready for dinner at La Jolla Groves
sorry about the quality of that last picture, and the ones to come from La Jolla {bad lighting}

dinner was really fun. it was a bit pricy and not the greatest food ever, but we all had an amazing night! especially since they had unlimited $3 lemonade with 5 different flavors... yum

you REALLY don't wanna know what happened the rest of the night. let's just say it was the craziest night ever, with ANOTHER 11:11 ceremony. plus..... more stuff. greatest night
we slept at Alexis' apartment Friday night, but we got up, and went back to my house. we watched Cheetah Girls, got ready, then sat on my bed bawling for 2 hours watching "soldiers surprise their wife/kids" THEN we decided to get a life so we went to eat at Zupas again

we finished eating, went to the BYU bookstore, then went to Alexis' apartment to get ready for the BYU game! we got ready, & walked to the stadium. guess who we saw at the game? ;) guys from the night before... quite the night haha. one next to me is Layne, and the other is Jared {long story}
the last day. got up, went to church, left early,
came home, got their things, left for the airport.

seeing them again in 39 days... can't wait


  1. I know exactly how you feel! My brothers and my nieces and nephew, best friends, cousins and grandparents all live in Utah and whenever we are together it is the very best! I'm happy you had such an amazing weekend!

  2. You girls are crazy, beautiful and amazing!!