Monday, November 21, 2011

boo - yah baby. i love twilight

Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Pants: PacSun, Socks: 7Circles, Boots: Forever Young, Earrings: F21

it has been a great week and i am happy to announce that the school days are half over. that's right, tomorrow {yes... Tuesday} is the last day before break. hip-hip, hooray! I'm excited to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my fam and get a lot of hours put in at the store. this is the first year we are staying home and also the first year of Thanksgiving on our OWN. usually we spend it with extended family but this year, just me, the parents, and the siblings. we also do our own little tradition, which i will talk more about later! be expecting more photo's {especially outfits} coming soon! cause i have lots to show!

oh ya; guys... GUESS WHAT came out on Thursday at midnight...

THAT'S RIGHT! on Wednesday, Meg, Jos and i went and bought shirts to wear. we wore them Thursday then we {and Hannah, and eventually Kaylee joined} sat out at the Mall Cinemark Theater from 4-12 in the freezing cold. but you know what? it was SO totally worth it... because I LOVED the movie. most people didn't. but then again i actually read all the books + im a die hard fan so OBVI i loved it. when it comes to the dollar theater... you may or may not see me there everyday...

ps: TEAM EDWARD babayyy
oh ya... AND i was personally invited to the wedding... BAM! {or maybe i just bought the invitation with my awesome shirt + necklace? who knows}

that's what's up

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