Friday, February 10, 2012

10 things

1) this picture says it all. lets just say it's been an awesome week and nobody will take the smile off my face!

2) Monday was Kylie's birthday, as i mentioned HERE. she turned 8 years old and is being baptized really soon! we did a lot of celebrating for her, including 2 family dinners and opening presents :) this little girl is growing up and got her own little beach cruiser! she is adorable this girl

3) THIS MOVIE COMES OUT TODAY. as you can see i am a bit excited. lottsaa my friends and i are going and planning on drooling over Channing Tatum all night. mmm mmm good

4) today, i only went to 4th period. wahooooooo!
5) ok, lets be real. there has to be some reason i skipped the whole day.... yeah. doctors appointments. member that one time when i got surgery on my butt? TWICE?? well the pain is back. dear tailbone.... you are not wanted anymore so QUIT GROWING BACK! anyways, mom and i sat in 3 doctors appointments today while i got X-rays and Catscans. i guess i am taking some sort of medicine for 6 months? or maybe i'll just go to a new doctor. can't believe this is happening to me AGAIN.6) i watched the bachelor last night finally.... no one likes you Courtney so LEAVE!
7) i got asked to Sweethearts last night by Kevin! it's tomorrow and i don't even know what i am wearing.... wooo this should be fun!
8) my sisters are watching HSM right now, boy have i missed that movie. classic
9) since Matt thoughtfully reads my blog every time i post, i think i will give him a shoutout. dear Matt, you are hot.
10) for all those haters out there who truly feel like bagging on my blog... i really don't care what you think of it!! i blog for myself and people who enjoy reading it, and if you don't like it, no one is forcing you to read it!! hate what i say? hate what i wear? hate my pictures? good for you! but don't judge

have a happy weekend everyone! I'll be doing the usual. eating and working out. typical me

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  1. Sounds like good day minus the tailbone...maybe you are part lizard and keep re-growing your tail? You will have to let me know how the movie 'The Vow' is, I am dying to see it!

    PS...I love your pictures and your blog!!