Tuesday, February 7, 2012

i basically wear cheetah every single day

shirt: Old Navy, pants: 7Circles, cheetah scarf: PacSun, black pumps: Target, watch: Nordstrom

no but seriously, some sort of cheetah.... everyday.

i really should be typing my 2 page essay that's due tomorrow. ask me if i have started it.... nope. AND its on the Great Gatsby, which we just finished reading. ask me if i understood it.... nope. i also have a psychology test on Thursday, another essay to write for Health Science, math homework, and on top of all that, 5 catalogs to take pictures for that is ALSO due tomorrow. awesome

on a happier note, i am fully signed up for my senior year {that sounds SO weird} i am old. it is now a fact. knowing i am halfway done with high school is such a weird thought. time is going by quickly and i am so excited! yet sad

anyways, my classes are basically ALL medical. it really is all i want to focus on and i really want to get prepared/ready/ahead for college; which i am also super happy about, yet scared. let me give you a run through of my crazy crazy schedule:

i am taking 5 medical classes IN school {3 of which are concurrent enrollment}, MATC to get my CNA at UVU, an internship at the hospital for a period AND after school, + i am running for student council, and if i make it.... early morning seminary. HOLY INSANE SENIOR YEAR. lets hope i make it out alive. i luckilly don't have to worry about any of this right now :) finishing my junior year off happy as a clown

annnnnnddddd now i have wasted 20 minutes. thanks a lot bloggin' world

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