Sunday, February 12, 2012


shirt: H&M, pants: PacSun, scarf: Target, black booties: Target, blazer: my brothers closet, watch: Nordstrom

look! no cheetah today! miracle. and yes, that is my brothers blazer/suit coat. thanks Caleb! this actually wasn't today, it was last Friday, but you all know i slack off so no big deal

the Vow? ahhhhh-mazinggggg. Channing Tatum is so dang sexy. most people hated it, mostly the ending. but me? i loved it. i loved how it ended and i loved the whole movie in general. of course Jos, Kaylee, Matt, Alec and i were the last ones to get there and had to sit on the front row... so that wasn't the best since my neck was a little cramped up, but i still loved it :) Matt and i made a bet saying first one to cry owes the other an Ernie's sandwich. lets just say he came closer then i did. hahaha 'Boys just aren't used to chick flicks and the emotions they bring!' That's his excuse

this week is Valentines day! I'll be spending it at Orem High while i watch some basketball! wahoo! oh, and in case you wanted to know why this is titled 'embarrassing'.... i had one of my most embarrassing moments in church today. gotta love when you are trying to fix your skirt and you pull it down 'too much'. that's right, halfway down my butt. hope you old folk enjoyed that view of me, as i was standing on the front row....


  1. That is embarrassing, sorry I missed it!

  2. hi i have a hot sister. watch out boys