Sunday, February 5, 2012

my sister is professional

shirt: Forever 21, maxi skirt: Forever 21, cheetah scarf: Forever 21, glitter pumps: Target, watch: Nordstrom

you may as well call me a forever 21 mannequin since i am wearing 3 things from there, no big deal. Malia took pictures for me today, and let's just say she really could be a professional photographer. she took some really great pictures with awesome lighting + coloring. lets just say there are some great posts/pictures coming real soon!

tomorrow is Kylie's birthday so we're doing a lot of celebrating today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. {because everyone is too busy Monday, so we're celebrating Tuesday} it should be really fun. birthday's are big in this house. my mama makes whatever you want for dinner and dessert, and tonight at Kylie's request, it's Chicken + Rice soup, chocolate covered strawberries, and Golden Graham s'mores dessert. diiiiviineeeee and totally against all my healthy eating rules, awesome :)

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