Saturday, February 4, 2012

basketball games on friday's rule

last night was the MV vs Provo game. yes, we lost. our team is pretty good this year, but so are a lot of other teams! we played Orem 2 weeks ago (no, i don't want to go there) and we lost then too. don't ask me to get into debating that! i could go on all day. i think school rivalry is fun though, i think it keeps things interesting :) i love it.

some times i just want to get outta this death trap of high school, and sometimes i just don't want to graduate. high school only happens once! but let's be real honest here.
school work/sitting in classes < social part of school. am i right?
after every basketball + football game, everyone goes to the Wendy's down the street. (for some reason ALL the Orem kids come too. pretty sure its cause MV is THAT cool) Hannah and i drank 2 large lemonades last night. yeahhhhh bad idea. however, very delicious!don't you think Hunter, Hannah, and i could be sisters? or cousins? i think soas you know, i am missing 2 teeth. well, Maddie Palica is too! it's creepy, but legit. popping our retainers out like toothless hotties. yeah we are kinda cool like that.

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  1. i have a retainer with a tooth on it too! :} yours looks great!