Tuesday, February 28, 2012

meet my sister

Malia. or as i call her, Mia. you can also refer to her as Malia Moo Cow.... she loves that :) this is us last Saturday when we both ran 10 miles. TEN MILES. i knew i had to hit 10 miles and i wasn't going to do it alone... it was crazy hard but i'm glad she was by my side as we finished. {18 days until my half marathon. i know. i am FREAKING out}

okay, not only is she my sister, but she is also my best friend. no matter how many times we fight, yell, bicker, argue, complain, or annoy each other, we are always there for each other.

when we have the MOST fun:

- at night when we know we should be sleeping, but we would rather be jumping on our own, + each others beds. we may or may not act like children once it hits 10:00
- when malia says.... "HEYYYYYYYYYY Keen. " {Mr.... SELF righteous} <--- that one is for you mia!
- on Sunday's when we are SO bored out of our minds and choose to wrestle out our bored-ness until one of us cries because they got beaten too hard.... {just kidding :) haha}
- launching each other. across the room. ENOUGH said
- when we know we shouldn't have brought something up in front of our parents.... just joking around.... then get a lecture instead. then we give each other 'the look' of ooohhhhh heavens
- when we choose to do nothing but sit in our room and watch our favorite movie, Raising Helen. "it's like they've NEVER seen a dress before!" "they just haven't seen.... a..... HALF of a dress" yeah we have it memorized.
- when one of is heart broken or annoyed by our friends and know we have each other to talk about it too
- when we glare at each other for not listening.... because we are texting....

she is my bestie and i don't know what i would do without her! i LOVE you miaaaaas!

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